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Bamboo Advance Beauty College is a private institution in San Leandro, California that provides high-quality educational system and salon services. We cater to students and clients all over the Bay Area, helping people succeed in the beauty industry.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality educational system and salon services to prepare students in passing the State Board Examination. We strive to offer outstanding programs and services to create satisfied and loyal graduates, clients, and salon owners. We strongly believe that a solid educational foundation is the first step toward achieving success in the beauty industry.

A Message From Our Founder

Dear Student,
We’re pleased to welcome you to Bamboo Advance Beauty College, the first step toward your new career in one of the most exciting beauty industries. We are honored that you have chosen to start your career here, and we look forward to helping you reach your goals as a professional.

At Bamboo Advance Beauty College, we not only offer you the basic training to pass the State Board examination, but also the skills that make you salon ready. Relationships with our industry partners make our program one of the most successful. We are using top quality products, providing our students with customized kits, and having modern equipment. We also place emphasis on how to be successful in the marketplace and how to succeed at every operation necessary to create the lifestyle you desire.

Bamboo Advance Beauty College is owned by Mai-Pham Investments LLC. Our goal is to help you discover your ability to transform your life by your training. The degree of your success will depend on the effort you are willing to apply during the entire course of your training.

Bamboo Advance Beauty College welcomes all prospective students interested in a beauty and wellness career. We are happy to have you visit the school at any time. Come in and see our student facilities, meet the experiences teaching staff and consider the many advances that our school can provide. We will be pleased to answer all of your questions.

Christina Mai